PR event May 2023 - This is what you missed at YogaBarna's event in Barcelona on May 25!

Barcelona, the vibrant city of culture and creativity, played host to the first YogaBarna x Trilha event. Organized by the colorful sportswear brand and YogaBarna, the event brought together 10 sporty content creators for a day filled with pilates, fashion, and healthy indulgence. Let's take a closer look at how this exciting day unfolded!

Crunching those abs on a YogaBarna yoga mat during a pilates work-out


Morning Session at Studio:

The day began at the stylish and modern Trilha studio in Barcelona, where the ladies were welcomed with warm smiles and a vibrant atmosphere., known for its colorful and high-quality sportswear, provided the influencers with an array of trendy activewear to wear during the event. Decked out in the latest collections, the content makers were ready to kickstart the day with energy and style.

Pilates and YogaBarna Mat Experience:

The highlight of the morning was a sweaty pilates session led by a great professional. Surrounded by the chic sportswear and YogaBarna mats, the influencers engaged in a series of invigorating exercises, strengthening both their bodies and minds. 

Sweaty and Confident Vibes:

As the pilates session progressed, the studio buzzed with energy and excitement. The content makers pushed their limits, embracing the challenges with enthusiasm and determination. Sweat poured, but smiles remained, showcasing the perfect blend of fitness and fun.

Post-Workout Mingling and Healthy Delights:

After the invigorating workout, the influencers were treated to a delightful spread of delicious and healthy food options. As they savored the flavorful dishes, they engaged in lively conversations, sharing fitness tips, and bonding over their passion for content creation and healthy lifestyles.

A Great Start to Saturday:

The event at studio set the tone for a memorable Saturday filled with positivity and inspiration. Beyond the fitness aspect, the ladies also had the opportunity to explore the latest sportswear collections from Trilha and YogaBarna, providing valuable insights for their followers and fans.

So, let's wrap this up! The first Influencer Event in Barcelona was a total blast! 

And don't worry if you missed out on this one! Keep your eyes peeled for more of these great events. This was just the start of something big in Barcelona.

Stay connected, stay inspired, and most importantly, stay fit, my friends! 

A pilates class on the mat of YogaBarna, crunching our abs!
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