How to take care of your microfiber yoga mat? And how to get the best grip?

Care instructions

How to take care of my Yogabarna microfiber mat?

  • This mat is ultra-absorbing and easy to clean: handwash gently with a damp cloth (and mild soap). Hang to dry
  • Roll the mat with microfiber side out, store in a cool and dry place when not in use.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight as the mat is made of biodegradable rubber
  • Expert tip: the sweatier, the better the grip! If you expect a slower start, spray the mat with some water before. This helps to get the grip!
  • This mat is made for barefoot activities, to extend the lifespan
  • Our mats are made of biodegradable natural rubber and have a top layer of recycled PET bottles. In order to avoid using glue, this top layer has been fastened to the rubber by only using heat and pressure. As all products that are used heavily, the mat may show some signs of wear an tear after 6 months to a year, depending the intensity of use.